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Pork Burnt Ends

Do you ever feel like you are constantly at a loss for what to make? Maybe you are having some friends over and want to try something “different.” I’m so excited to share with all of you as our blog grows, all the different recipes that we have tried, made modifications to and all the never ending things you can do with your grill.

There are so many different recipes for burnt ends out there but this is how dad makes them and let me tell you….they were tasty! Don’t be afraid to try new things, trust me, we’ve had our fair share of flops. So, enough chit chat, let’s get on with it!

1.5 pounds of Side Pork, taken from a 5 pound slab

Dad took approximately 1.5 pounds of side pork from a 5 pound total slab. Doesn’t it just look fabulous?! Then he proceeded to cut the meat into 1 inch strips, this is one of his first modifications. By keeping the meat in the strips versus cutting immediately into squares helps to keep the moisture within the meat.

1 inch strips with Sizzle

After cutting the strips, he placed the meat into pan and applied Green Mountain sizzle rub. What is sizzle? It is asked for by name in our household! One of our kids actually requests for a majority of his food to have sizzle put on it. He would eat it with EVERYTHING! You can apply as much or as little as you would like, remember, this is your creation. I will warn you though, it will make you sneeze! Sizzle can be purchased through your Green Mountain Dealer…Local folks, you’re in luck! It has great flavor with just enough kick (I’m not a huge spicy person).

Wrap in Saran Wrap and refrigerate overnight

By wrapping your side pork and refrigerating overnight, this allows for the meat to sweat which creates moisture and therefore the meat becomes more tender.

Grilling Progression

After refrigerating overnight, it’s time to grill! Set your Green Mountain to 375 degrees and cook the side pork for approximately one and a half hours.

Cut into 1 inch squares

After the meat has cooked, remove and then cut the 1 inch strips into 1 inch squares. This will make them nice and bite size.

Did you know Klair is a Tabasco Dealer too?

After the meat is cut, replace into a pan or grill worthy dish. Apply the Tabasco BBQ sauce, stir and replace on the grill to heat. Although this sauce says it’s spicy, it very much is not. Dad is our local Tabasco dealer, he has some great items that you are unable to get in the store. Make sure to check him out!

Messy Face, Kid approved!

After they are warmed on the grill…it’s time to Enjoy! We ate these as an appetizer and they were gone within minutes! My kids absolutely devoured them. They are easy to make and great to eat. We hope that you try this recipe out and let us know what twist you added to yours. You will find the recipe all together below. Enjoy!


Author: Katie

Hello, my name is Katie and Im one of the authors for Backyard Blooms and BBQ. I work along side my husband Bob and my father Klair. Together we create a great backyard living team. Bob and I have 4 kids that range from 13-5 years of age. Im an RN by trade at the local hospital. I am so excited to be adventuring into the life of blogging!

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