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Bacon Wrapped Smokies

September is in full swing around here. The annual CyHawk game came and went…Iowa pulled off the W but it wasn’t pretty. The World’s Greatest County Fair blew through town. I got all of my must have food items PLUS I tried this years blue ribbon winner…Steak Tip Meal. Dad whipped up a pork butt to share with his tractor pulling friends (yes, that recipe is coming…).

Before we know it, winter will be here but that wont slow us down when it comes to grilling. I’m so excited to share this easy recipe with all of you to share with your family and friends during those exciting football games.

Large Packet of Smokies and 1lb of bacon

You will find this recipe very easy to do! Your biggest time consuming part is wrapping smokies in bacon. Cut your bacon strips into thirds and wrap each smokie with one small strip of bacon, securing with a toothpick. Some wraps will require two toothpicks. We break our toothpicks so they are smaller and go further.

Your smokies should look just like this!

After your smokies are all wrapped, add them to a pan or dish that is grill safe. My dad uses a cast iron pot for his grill. Once added to your dish, add 2 cups of brown sugar. This is what creates the flavor and texture of these delightful smokies.

Lastly, cook your smokies with the brown sugar at 350 degrees on your Green Mountain Grill (or oven). You will keep cooking until the bacon is done and the brown sugar is carmelized on the smokies. This process will roughly take about an hour.

Bam! Enjoy!

You’re done! Now its time to enjoy and share with all of your friends as appetizers or game day pleasers! We hope you enjoy this recipe and look forward to all the other goodies we have coming your direction! Let us know how this recipe went for you!


Author: Katie

Hello, my name is Katie and Im one of the authors for Backyard Blooms and BBQ. I work along side my husband Bob and my father Klair. Together we create a great backyard living team. Bob and I have 4 kids that range from 13-5 years of age. Im an RN by trade at the local hospital. I am so excited to be adventuring into the life of blogging!

4 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped Smokies”

  1. These are my favorite game time snack! If I’m tailgating at a different location I like to make these beforehand and keep them in a crock pot! Very simple yet very tasty!!


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