Dirty Meatballs

Wow, its been awhile but I’m so happy to be back in action. Its amazing all that has gone down from the time I left you! I received a little nudge from a friend to get back at it (Thanks Kristin!) No matter what the world throws at us….there is always time and space for BBQ! Even though I have been busy mommin’, being a nurse and avoiding murder hornets ;), my dad has been doing his blogging job and capturing photos of his creations! Great work dad!

So today, the recipe I’m giving to you is courtesy of ‘Dirty’ aka Dave. He has been a friend of my dad’s and have bonded well over Green Mountain Grills. So we thank him today for allowing us to share his recipe with all of you!

Finished mixed product

Start off with two pounds of ground beef and 1 pound of ground pork. Add 1 egg, 1/2 cup of Panko bread crumbs and 1 cup of mozzarella cheese. Season meat with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Mix all of the meat together well and make even sized meatballs. Dirty uses 1/3 measuring cup to assure that all meatballs are the same size for even cooking. Your finished mixed product should be similar to the picture above.

Finished product and ready to grill
Meatballs with GMG meat probe.

Once you have all meatballs ready to go (hopefully you have warmed up your GMG to 205 degrees). Smoke the meatballs for one and a half to two hours until you achieve an internal temp of 150 degrees. Remove from the grill and place your meatballs in your favorite sauce. Dirty recommends pizza or marinara sauce! Place meatballs with your favorite sauce into a pan and return to the grill at 275 degrees. You can also top with mozzarella cheese. Serve warm to friends and family all while social distancing drinking 😉

It is so great to be back and I can’t wait to see what version of dirty meatballs you create! Recipe is below!

Smoked Ice Cubes with Bloody Marys

All I have to say is….YUM!!! I love a good bloody mary every now and again, but adding these smoked ice cubes put these over the top! They were absolutely delicious. The subtle smoke flavor was so good and wasn’t overbearing at all!

Now I don’t want to limit the possibilities of these ice cubes in just bloody marys! You could essentially use these smoked ice cubes or water in any drink or food that you would like to add that little extra smoke flavor, Be Creative! I know our wheels are always turning!

This recipe is so simple, so let’s dive right in! Prep the night before and add water to a two gallon ziploc bag and freeze overnight! We did add a tsp. of liquid smoke to add a little extra pizazz!

Frozen Water

After your water is frozen, set your grill at 150 degrees. Also, grab a pan and rack to set your ice on. This will allow it to melt into the pan. This is going to be a slow process of about 3 hours. This allows the smoke to really set into the water. Low and slow folks!

Grill Prep!

Once your grill is ready to go, remove the ice from the bag and place onto the rack inside the grill. Allow the ice to completely melt. If you are wanting a stronger smoke flavor, you can add a little liquid smoke prior to refreezing into ice cube trays. We added ours ahead of time knowing we wanted a little more! Trying it after will help you judge if you need more. We absolutely loved it!

Slow and Steady wins the race!
Final Melted Product

My dad used his creative side and froze his ice cubes into pumpkins and vampire teeth, unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of that BUT I made sure to take a picture of my delicious bloody mary. I also asked my dad to up his game for my garnishments to my drink. Sliders, Jerky, Pickles, Olives, Bacon, Chicken Wings….the list goes on and on!

We used the Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix for making our drinks. As a dealer, my dad definitely has access to some GREAT stuff! It says that it is extra spicy, but coming from someone who can’t handle TO much spice, this was just right! The smoked ice cubes complimented this mix wonderfully!

Final Product!

Like I said…I’m expecting more garnishments next time (you hear that dad?) However, salting the rim with Lawrys seasoned salt and adding the smoked cubes was a big hit! Give it a try for yourself! Maybe you have a drink that you think it would taste delicious in. We would love to hear from you and try them for ourselves!

Don’t have a Green Mountain Grill yet or are thinking you would like one? Check them out for black friday, great deals on some great grills going on now!