How to clean your Green Mountain Grill

No one likes to do it, but let me tell you…it needs to be done! I know it’s been awhile since we have chatted but life has been hectic. Thankfully, I have trained the men in my life well to start taking pictures of EVERYTHING grill related! My brother even chimed in this time.

Regular cleaning and maintenance for your Green Mountain will keep it in working order longer to continue giving you the best food possible. So where do we begin?

Dirty Grill…Thanks Cody for the great example 😉

Begin by removing the internal parts of the grill, racks and drip pan. Underneath will expose a whole other portion for you to clean. If you are wishing to give your grill racks a good soaking and cleaning, feel free to soak in a water and ammonia mixture. Otherwise I will touch base on other ways to wipe them down later.

After removing the racks and drip trays, the fire pot will be exposed. Here is all the ash that needs to be vacuumed up. Make sure to use a shop vac or vacuum that is not your home vacuum. You don’t want grease and dirt inside your home.

Begin Vacuuming all that dust and ash

Vacuum out the bottom and surrounding area to get everything cleaned up.

Look at how nice that looks!

After vacuuming everything out, you can wipe down your racks and drip pan. Now, they won’t be perfect but that is where the next step comes into play. After your grill is put back together, turn your grill on to 150 degrees. Once it has achieved that level, wipe down the interior of your grill. Racks, pan, sides, interior of lid and also the rain cap of the chimney. Adding the slight heat will help to make removal easier. You can achieve this just by using paper towels.

How pretty!

Look at how nice everything cleaned up! Now it doesn’t need to be perfect, however if you want it to be, it sure can be 😉 Giving your grill a good cleaning will allow for proper air flow, giving your meat a nice even cook. Plan to clean out your grill approximately every 3-4 bags of pellets that you use. Once the inside is clean, you can clean the outside.

Dad uses WD-40 to clean the outside of his grill. I know, I was thinking the same thing…WD-40…hmm. But it cuts the grease and smoke nicely off of the outside. Once again, just use a rag or paper towels for cleaning. If you have a stainless steel lid, he recommends Bar Keepers Friend.

Happy Grilling Everyone! We have enjoyed blogging with all of you and can’t wait for what is to come…Just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean grilling has to stop!

5 Reasons to plant Panicle Hydrangeas in your landscaping.

1). They are absolutely stunning!

‘White Diamonds’ Hydrangea

It doesn’t take a set of glasses to see just how gorgeous these plants are. Being able to choose many different varieties with different flower shapes and colors is what makes these hydrangeas so gorgeous! Nonstop color from July to the end of September.

2). Great for pollinators…

‘White Diamonds’ Hydrangea

We all have them and some may be a little nervous around them, but they are super important. Not only to produce the wonderful honey that we all love to eat but also for the production and growth of our plants. At any given time, you could look out on our hydrangea bush and notice numerous different kinds of insects. They are all after one thing….pollen.

That pollen strongly benefits them as they bring it back home to create, reproduce and live but it also benefits our plants. They bring that pollen to other plants to help them reproduce, create seeds and to grow. Without them, our ecosystem will be hurting. So even though they buzz right past your head as your sitting on your patio enjoying a summer night drink, consider planting plants that help keep our ecosystem flourishing.

3). Adds variety of shape and structure to your landscaping.

Panicle hydrangeas come in all shapes and size. From the little ‘Bobo’ Hydrangea that is 3’x3′ to the ‘Quickfire’ hydrangea that is 8’x8′. Taller varieties help create enclosures for your backyard living space. Each plant will have some of its own unique features. All of the plants will come out white and fade off to various shades of pink and red.

4). Use to decorate your home and outside pots…

‘Vanilla Strawberry’ and ‘Pinky Winky’ Hydrangea

I LOVE to cut my hydrangeas and bring fresh flowers into the home. Not only do I love them fresh, I love them dried. It’s amazing how well these flowers will dry with little to no effort. I enjoy taking a variety of them all and placing them in a large vase allowing them to dry. I keep them through the winter as decoration and then simply dispose of them back into my landscaping in the spring! Some people like to hang their hydrangeas upside down until they dry, but I have found that to be necessary.

I will also cut several to use within my front door pots to add some rustic flair to my spruce tip pots. Surprisingly, even with the inches upon inches of snow we get…they still manage to maintain their shape and dried beauty.

5). Easy maintenance

Even those of you that are notorious for sending your plants into an early “retirement…” I have full confidence that these hydrangeas would be perfect for you and your home. Initially, some maintenance is required to help them set good roots and to return for the following season but after that, minimal maintenance is required. Just give them a spot with 4 hours of sunlight or more and a good multipurpose fertilizer. For further information on how to begin planting and care of new plants, look for our upcoming blog posts.